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Knowing your weight is important, but knowing your body mass index (BMI) and your body fat are equally significant to your weight-loss and your health. BMI takes into account not just your weight, but also your height to indicate body fat. Use these links to calculate your BMI, body fat and calorie needs and goals.
Self-Assessment Charts

Lighten Up registrants will each take home an
Assessment Sheet that shows their individual measurements for height, weight, body fat percentage, blood pressure and bone density, plus individual results from the following tests: sit & reach, handgrip strength, push-ups, partial curl-ups and wall sit.

Following are links to Assessment Charts showing how to gauge your results according to your gender, age and body type.

Sit & Reach Muscles used during this test include the lower back, calf and hamstrings.

Handgrip Strength Hand and forearm muscles

Body Fat Percentage Are you normal, above average or lean?

Push-Ups Upper body muscles, chest/triceps

Partial Curl-Ups Core muscles, abdominals

Wall Sit Lower body, quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes

Blood Pressure How to interpret your blood pressure reading

How To Improve Your Results Exercise tips on how to improve your individual fitness assessment results