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The 2024 Lighten Up 4 Montgomery County is a 12 week weight loss competition coordinated by Fusion Fitness & Aquatics. The goal of Lighten Up 4 Montgomery County is and always has been to help our county become healthier! We want to keep you motivated and determined to reach your weight loss goals.

How it Works

Your starting weight must be recorded at Fusion during the starting week January 2-7, 2024To sign up you must: stop by Fusion, weigh in, and pay $20 entry fee. (Don’t worry - you will get a chance to get it, and more back, keep reading!).

Midpoint weigh in will be February 5-11, 2024 at Fusion. If by this point you have lost 4% of your weight, you get $10 back. If not, no worries, keep trying, you still have a chance to get it back and win more. For those who do not lose the 4%, their money stays in the pot (the money pot!).

March 11-17, 2024 is the final weigh-in. This will also be done here at Fusion. If by this point, you have lost 8% of your weight, you get your cut of the pot. All weight reports are kept confidential. 

Text Alerts for LU4MC

Everyone will automatically be enrolled in text alerts.  You can unsubscribe at anytime. 

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