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Reserved for Classes -  

Mondays:   9:00 am Boom Move

                    9:30 am Silver Sneakers

                   10:30 am Silver Sneakers                                                     Yoga

                   11:30 am Upper Body Pump                                          (15 min. class)

                      5:00 pm Rock Body

Tuesdays:   5:45 am Rock Body

                     8:00 am Grand Advantage

                     9:00 am Stretching and                                                   Strength

                    10:30 am Grand Advantage

                      4:30 pm Boot Camp

                      5:00 pm Cardio Cycle


                          9:00 am Boom Move

                          10:00 am Silver Sneakers

                          11:30 am Lower Body                                      Pump (15 min. class)

                            5:00 pm Rock Body

Thursdays:   5:45 am Cardio Cycle

                      8:00 am Grand Advantage

                      9:00 am Stretching and                                                     Strength

                     10:30 am Grand Advantage

                       4:30 pm Boot Camp

                       5:00 pm Cardio Cycle

Fridays:         9:00 am On the Ball 

                       9:00 am Joy in the Morning

                     11:30 Lunch Crunch

Saturdays:     8:15 am Cardio Cycle

                        8:30 am Rock Body


The half-court gymnasium is equipped with a regulation basketball goal and a portable, adjustable-height goal for younger players. The gym can quickly be converted to a regulation size volleyball, badminton or Pickle-Ball court, and a variety of equipment for active play and games is available.


The gym may be rented out to members in one-hour increments and can be reserved by the member and up to 16 guests. The $20/hour fee must be paid in advance when reservations are made at the front desk.


Children ages 1-11 may use the gym only while supervised by an adult (age 18 and older). Ages 12-15 may use the gym when a supervising adult is present in the facility, which includes the lobby area.

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