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A free-weight room on the facility's upper level offers a wide range of barbells and resistant-weight equipment used for everything from muscle-toning repetitions to power lifting.


An on-site personal trainer is available to teach you the proper use of the free weights and muscle strengthening equipment.


No one under age 16 is allowed to use the free weights.




The Cardio/Fitness room offers a variety of cardio machines -- including treadmills, stair steppers and stationary bikes -- plus muscle strengthening and toning equipment.


Our on-site personal trainer and other staff are available to teach you the proper use of each machine.


Youths ages 10-15 are allowed in the Cardio/Fitness room after a special orientation by Fusion personal trainer. A supervising adult (age 18 and over) must be in the room with them at all times.


Children 9 & under are not allowed in the Cardio/Fitness room.

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