When you become a member of Fusion, you are entitled to a free orientation on the safe use of our cardio and fitness equipment and a free physical fitness assessment. A trained staff member will test your flexibility, muscular fitness, aerobic fitness and body composition to determine an appropriate fitness level.


An appointment for your orientation/assessment may be made at the front desk.


We want to help you reach your own fitness goals. Inquire at the front desk to

meet with a personal trainer and schedule training sessions at your convenience.


Member Rates:


30-minute sessions: 1-$23; 5-$94; 10-$180

60-minute sessions: 1-$36; 5-$166; 10-$324 20-$610


30-minute sessions: 1-$39; 5-$178; 10-$330

60-minute sessions: 1-$50; 5-$233; 10-$440


Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training focuses on the overall health, wellness and fitness of participants. Each session will be individualized, but also work on the group as a whole. The trainer will lead you through a challenging workout that will get your body stronger, your blood pumping and keep your motivation level high. Groups are limited to 4 in a class.

Group rates for 60-minute sessions

1 session $20, 5 sessions $90, 10 sessions $165.

Nonmember Rates:


30-minute session: $30


60-minute session: $30

The SLED System

THE SLED System is a program of progressive resistance exercise designed to motivate you and change your body to produce measurable results.


You will meet with a trainer before beginning the SLED program to establish your personal exercise progression. The trainer fills out a workout chart for you to complete, and after the session, the trainer checks your progress and offers suggestions for your next workout.


The basic guideline:

• The workout starts with three sets of 10 repetitions. If you can do all ten of the third set, then increase your weights on the next workout. • Your third set of repetitions is 100% of what you can do 10 times.

• Your second set is 75% of the third.

• Your first set is 50% of the third.

The weights don't have to be exactly that, but should be close.