Executive Director
Linda Weiss

Front Desk
Robin Andrews, Co-Coordinator

Kari Dragoo, Co-Coordinator

Aurelie Granito

Lauren Hartman

Betty Hernandez

Claire Huber

Pattie Marsee

Ruthie Matthews

Anna Spears

Fitness Manager 

Kylie Kirby 

Personal Trainer
Chris Pederson

Workplace Wellness
Sandy Miller

Group X Instructors
Beth Cady

Deanna Clinard

Pam Denby   

Randi Frailey
Joy Golden

Megan Holderread

Dana Holshouser

Kylie Kirby 

Julie Pachesa 

Chris Pederson

Melissa VanGiesen


Kerri Miller, Coordinator

Daisy Adams

Robin Andrews

Gracie Brink

Kyle Butler

Greg Holdreith

Allie Kuhns

Steven Livingston

Sami Page

Cara Pence

Cassie Sexton - Swim Team/Lifeguard Instructor



Kaylen Padilla

Lauren Hartman

Brian Hughes, Lead Technician
Danny Adkins

Jean Beckham
Jill Michaelis


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Please inquire at our front desk, or call 217-532-3896 for details.

Are you a licensed massage therapist? This is your chance to join Fusion Fitness & Aquatics' fun staff. We are looking for a full-time licensed massage therapist to fill our current vacancy. Please inquire at 217-532-3896 for more details.

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