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MOVE is an exercise and weight management curriculum designed by and for military veterans. 

Each veteran completes a physical fitness assessment and is given a pedometer and a punch card for 25 free visits to Fusion. MOVE meets twice weekly for eight weeks. Participants begin developing healthy habits by learning the importance of regular exercise, good nutrition and eating with moderation. Participants are given homework assignments and are urged to keep personal journals of their food consumption and exercise routines. Meetings include physical workouts, using the gym, track, pool and cardio equipment.

This 8-week program is FREE to veterans, thanks to the sponsorship of Hillsboro Area Hospital. These sessions run throughout the course of the year. 

Call Fusion today, 217-532-3896, for information or to join our next MOVE session.

Who is MOVE for? 

Military veterans seeking a healthy lifestyle.

Why does the hospital sponsor MOVE? 

For years, Hillsboro Area Hospital has sought ways to make a difference for the area's military veterans. The MOVE program was developed by the Veterans Administration and was just waiting for an entity to pay for the instructors and space for the educational classes and exercise. The hospital provides these funds and contracts with Fusion for the staff and space.

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