Jan. 9 - April 2

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Class Cancellation

Monday afternoon and Friday morning Step classes have been cancelled indefinitely due to instructor injury. If you know anyone who would be interested in teaching the Step class, please contact us through Facebook, email, or call 532-3896.

Third Trailblazer Trail: Rotary Nature Trail

Head on over to our Trailblazers Blog: fusiontrailblazers.wordpress.com to learn more! The trail will be active July 18th through August 15th!

July Members of the Month: Chad and Erin Fuson

The Fusons, originally from southern Illinois, relocated to the area from St. Louis in 2010 when Chad took a job at Patton Mining. The young family says they have settled in quite nicely in their new home on the outskirts of Coffeen which has plenty of space for Gideon to ride his 4-wheeler and bike. Chad, with a background in basketball, and Erin, who played softball in college, have always been active but decided to join Fusion when their friends invited them to participate in an obstacle course event. After training, they decided to keep with their schedule and now both workout 5 days a week. What we love about the Fusons is that everyone has a schedule! Erin, a stay at home mom, comes in the mornings to swim and lift weights, and then Chad comes in directly after work where he runs 3 times a week and does weights on off days. On the weekends, the family comes in all together to either swim or play basketball. The Fusons plan on spending the rest of their summer weekends 4-wheeling and visiting family. Gideon added that he is really enjoying being able to go to friends’ houses and play during the day.

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